Saturday 23 February 2013

Movie Review - Gangster Celop

Gangster Celop caught my attention since I first saw the trailer. I watched this movie alone, btw. Gangster tak? Hahaha

‘Tak langsung’, saya tolong jawabkan.

There are two heroes. Kamal Adli and Syamsul Yusof (Aman and Adam)

Who loves Syamsul’s husky voice and got turned on by his goatee. *me, me!!!*

Hanis Zalikha; sorry to say but has to brush up her acting skills. Don’t get me wrong. She’s beautiful. I love her in Mad Market but acting? Naahhhh..

Aman and Adam just got out of 5-year term in prison. They got assigned by Ayahanda (Yus Jambu) to babysit his daughter, none other than Hanis Zalikha. Ayahanda was ‘murdered’ by Man Cirit (Azad). Don’t ask me why gangsters have such name. Haha

Aman and Adam went to seek for revenge basically. There’s an unexpected twist. Laughter here, there, everywhere. Most memorable scene haruslah Syamsul and Kamal pakai tudung, Kamal speaks English and also the scene where Adam and Aman were recruited by Ayahanda just because of Slurpee. Haha
Not bad, not bad.

I’ll give it 7/10

*couples suka pandang aku skeptic kalau aku tengok wayang alone. Better than peluk-peluk pinggang, raba sana raba sini. Don’t ya think? Bila aku tak kacau manusia lain pun kau susah hati.

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