Sunday 17 February 2013

Zai's Wedding. A Mini Reunion

Attending a friend's wedding is always a fun event because it will definitely turn into a mini reunion.

Date : 17th February 2013
Place : Pusat Komuniti Sri Petaling
Bride : Zaidatun Akma

This time, it's my friend from BK One. Admittedly, we only kept in touch through FB. I think the last time I met most of them was in 2004. But Alhamdulillah after so many years, we met and it is soooo not awkward. I can still feel the warmth.

The funny thing was the story of how I ended up there.

So earlier today I went to Jalan TAR with my mom. On the way back, I was having a look at Instagram when I saw Eazy posted that he was on the way to Zai's wedding. I commented and we ended up going together, with Izzat. And we last met in 2005, mind you. :)

Snippets, snippets.

Che Wan, a proud mom of two. Die-hard fan of Ruffedge and came all the way from JB. On the right, Eazy the famous blogger and also my driver for the day.. Thanks man!
BK One'ers with our teachers, too

Girls will be girls

I love you once, and I will always love you Shima. I miss you, tak tipu!!

Other pictures will be coming soon.

Waiting for the official photographer.

The bride will be reveal soon insyaAllah!!

Aku tahu. Over. Update pasal wedding tapi takde gambar pengantin. Hahaha


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