Friday 15 February 2013

Movie Review - Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit

It is very hard to find a trilogy series that gets better as it approaches the finale. This movie is no different. 

Frankly, I would say that Zombi Kampung Pisang (zkp) is still the best. The actors were exceptionally entertaining; Que Haider, AC Mizal, Awie. Lantak lah apa orang kata but ever since ZKP was shown in the cinema, me and Laila watched it. Countless times! Itu hiburan di zaman diploma.

It seems that as the sequels goes, there are less and less laughter. Sometimes I felt that the director, Mamat Khalid tried too hard. 

This time, Husin returned to his hometown upon declared bankrupt. He met Mon (Ezlynn’s character from ZKP). I would have to say that at this point viewers were definitely confused because the red-wedding-ish dress is a trademark of Ayu (Avaa Vanja) kan?  

So the story goes that Awie is kidnapped by bunian aka Mon aka Ayu. Yes. Mon is actually Ayu. The real Mon was dead due to an accident. Then a mysterious doctor (Shidee) came and supposedly save the village. Konon nye lah.

Faham tak cerita ini mengecewakan?

Though I’m a big fan of Awie. 

Gelak ketawa serasa dipaksa.

Apa nie?

Malas nak cerita lebih.

The CGI - not worth commenting.

All in all 4/10.

Walau bagaimanapun I am looking forward for Mamat Khalid’s ‘Rock Oo’ akhir bulan nie.

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