Monday 4 February 2013

Manhattan Fish Market

Today is the start of a new semester, also the start of a new chapter in many of my friend's life.


Some went to class, some started to work.
I'm still chilling at home.

So, today I met Shu and we went to Mid Valley (right after her working hours of course). Guess what? She met me at KL Sentral, all drowned in tears. Sumpah kelakar. LOL

Searching for a place to dine in, I'm extremely hungry by the way sebab tak sempat have a proper meal for berbuka puasa. Mengikut kehendak crybaby seorang ini yang hendak merasa MFM, we went in and have our first meal ever here.
Saya dah ajak Kenny Rogers tak nak.. Hahaha
Being a seafood lover, my eyes sparkled as soon as I saw 'Dory' on the menu. So this was what I had.

Grilled Dory
Chicken Liberty.  Shu's plate

There's no clam chowder so we settled for seafood chowder.
My verdict, it's not as good as I thought it would be. My expectation was wayyy higher but maybe I ordered wrong. Who knows?

Definitely not one of my favorite eateries in KL.


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