Wednesday 27 February 2013

Bootcamp with Faizal Tahir

Yesterday I went to Sri Pentas for a program with the one and only, Faizal Tahir. *ecstatic*
(Yes, I am a big fan of him ever since his OIAM debut)

Basically the program or 'Boot Camp' as FT called it gathered 30 university students; fans and non-fans to sit together and present a fresh idea in promoting his latest album. We were divided in groups and presented our ideas in front of Faizal himself, Izham Omar; the CEO of Primeworks and Datin Jacynta; the Head of Talent Unit in Monkey Bone. 

We also had the chance to listen to his new album; the whole 10 songs, mind you. And guess what, the album will only be launched in April! Exclusive much!!

Since most of us were in the same age group, we get along just fine! Made some new friends, exchanging experiences ya know?

During the ice breaking session where  we inroduced ourselves to Faizal and the crews, FT only remembered the first three guys! Sedih kannn.

But, but, during autograph session he remembered my name. Huahuahua *evil laugh* I was ready to tell him my name but he said it first. Eva, right? Thanks, thanks dad for giving me such a nice and short name..  :D

Bila awak mention saya kat twitter, hati saya berbunga-bunga. LOL
Faizal, the VIPs and my group. Yes, I am the only girl. But they're cool!
Iman, he reminded me of someone but I can't remember who  -.-'
RJ aka Rapper Jambang.. Ramai peminat ler nie lepas AJL :) I've told you guys before that I am soooo into guys with beard and goatee. Oh my!
Swish swish skirt
And ..... here it is!!
I love his personality and the fact that he speaks English really really well just make me love him more! He is trully one in a million.
Sekian dari saya.
Mari baca review GUA  di sini.
(thanks for interviewing me)

Credit gambar : GUA
ps* he's arrogant for a reason.

** Alhamdulillah Deloitte (Tax) and Citibank offered a place for internship.
***now I know!! Iman reminded me of Que!

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