Wednesday 13 February 2013

Big Four .. Again

Yes. I have to admit that this all roots back to ego.
I want to get an offer from every and each one of the Big Four. I really do.

EY. Checked.

KPMG. Checked.

PwC. Apparently the slot for interns have been filled.

I applied for Tax Department at Deloitte during the ACCA Conference. I got called for an interview (I thought I rejected it earlier). Did you know that Deloitte ranked number 1 in Malaysia in terms of Tax Advisory? I didn't.

The assesment was like usual, same old same old. A little bit of essay, IQ test and grammar test. But the most interesting part was the BM essay. I have to write a letter in Malay; (no less) asking for time extension regarding the pioneer status application. Percaya tak 5 minutes stuck trying to think what 'pioneer status' is in BM? *facepalm*

The interview session was extremely fun with cozy environment. I've set my mind to be as cheerful as possible ya know? The interviewer was a Chinese woman, quite young and very pleasant. She was excited to know that I'm going overseas for a semester. :D

I know, I know. I know I promised to 'closed the books' on internship. Can't help it. Sorry.

Can't wait for the answer from the HR Department.


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