Sunday 3 February 2013

Thailand - A Pictorial Summary

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Saranghae :)
Floating Market, a major attraction

Introducing Sugoi, my uncle Japanese eateries.
Cozy. Excellent food. Thumbs up!
The VIP's inspection. LOL
And ..... the food! Freshest ever. *drool*
Before heading home :)
Korean lunch since the whole family is addicted with Running Man. Haha
Anywhere, anytime.
Padthai. The best!
Le familia
One, two, smile! On top of the floating market.
I must tell you, she is a die-hard fan of CN Blue. Fanatic!
My awesome uncle and cousin.

All in all, the vacation was superbly fun though I had to spend a few nights at the hospital due to high fever.
Most probably due to 'angin pantai'. My assumption je la tapi. Haha
Ate a lot, catch up with families.
The level of religion tolerance in Bangkok is freaking high, people. I am amazed. We went to the temple for my grand dad's funeral and the monk treat us very nicely. Touched.

Le families also were aware of the restrictions we had as a Muslim. They respect that, accommodate us in many ways. Thank you.


Happy. Blessed.

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