Monday 25 February 2013

Envy and Otak-Otak

I've been meaning to write on this topic, or rather about this one person.
Being in YK, I had the chance to know many awesome people from UCL, Harvard, MIT, LSE.. You got the picture, right?
But the one person that never fail to amazed me is Lim Wei Jiet. (Heyyy!! I'm promoting you here bro).
I knew him during YK third stage interview. My first impression of him was that - likeable and intelligent. He's doing Law at UM. Being a future lawyer you can expect his fluency when he talks. It was a shocking news to know that he didn't get the scholarship.
Sangat terkejut.
But he seems to do better in life without YK.
You guys should read his blog here. Intelligent is written all over it. :) His English is soooo good that I must say I envy him a lot. He got a scholarship from the States for an exchange student program.
Taken from his blog, a few years back

He has been to various countries, debates, bla bla bla. You know, how awesome his life is :p
Why did a write about him again?
Oh yes. He also was accepted into the Otak-Otak program, the premier internship program for leaders where he interned for Nik Nazmi, a politician.
And....  I had just got an email from Otak-Otak inviting for an interview via Skype. Yayyy!!
I must say having a few special points in the resume helps a lot. A lot! Thanks YK, thanks Mainz :D

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